A Basic Tool Set

There is a misconception that building a model aeroplane from plans is a difficult and complex undertaking, requiring a vast collection of expensive, specialist tools. Whilst this might well be true for the sort of scale masterpieces seen at model airshows, it is certainly not the case for all plan-built models. If we take a…


4-Max – Electric motors, batteries, servos, ESCs, accessories. Fighteraces – Suppliers of Klass Kote and Warbird Colours paints. SLEC – Wheels, adhesives, tools, building aids and accessories. Real Model Pilots – 3D printed scale pilots and accessories. Carbon copy – Undercarriage components, cowls and accessories.

Puddleduck Manual

This expanded instruction manual is intended to complement the printed manual supplied with the plan. The expanded manual contains a wealth of photographs to help clear up any uncertainty in the written instructions, but if all else fails do get in touch with us and we will help out however we can. Puddleduck is based…

Expanded instruction manuals

Here you will find illustrated instruction manuals to complement the written manuals included with the plans. These manuals will help to resolve any uncertainty during construction but are also a handy way of seeing what is involved before buying a plan and/or parts set.