Our Passion


Nuviation is the product of a lifetime’s passion for all things flying. Jim Newberry, chief designer at Nuviation, has spent his entire life in and around aeroplanes – from rubber powered free flight models crafted from balsa and tissue paper to a career flying some of the most technologically advanced airliners in the world. Jim’s experience and enthusiasm – the successes and failures of a childhood spent smelling of balsa cement and the expertise amassed over 10,000+ hours in full size aircraft – can be found carefully distilled into each Nuviation design.


Off the shelf, ready to fly models certainly have their place in our hobby and there is no doubt that they are here to stay, but you will not find them at Nuviation (although you will find several in Jim’s personal model collection!). Here you will find builders’ models, hewn from balsa and ply. Building a Nuviation model will leave you with sawdust in your hair, the rich whiff of fresh balsa in your nostrils and a crust of dried adhesive on your fingertips. But it will leave you with much, much more than that too – a model aircraft which you have crafted with your own hands over time and which, built correctly, will assuredly turn in a fine flight performance, time after time.