Tiger 72

Back in 1990, Radio Modeller magazine published a plan for an attractive, low wing aerobatic design of 60″ wingspan, suitable for .40 two stroke power, designed by Colin Dickinson. The model was called Ruhig Tigre (which roughly translates as quiet, or peaceful tiger) and proved popular. In 2015, Jim Newberry took the outline of the Ruhig Tigre, increased the wingspan to 72″ and comprehensively redesigned the structure of the model to take advantage of modern laser cutting techniques.


IMG_1291The great flying performance of the original has been improved upon in this larger version and construction has been simplified by the use of interlocking parts which help to ensure that construction proceeds swiftly, easily and accurately.

Flight characteristics might be described as “sports aerobatic” – this model makes a perfect follow on for the flier who has mastered an aileron trainer and, with its thick symmetrical wing section, the Tiger 72 delivers a fine aerobatic performance.

If you would like to see the expanded instruction manual, with a number of construction photographs, click here.

Complete set, (plan + laser cut parts + strip/sheet wood + cowl) purchased together – £165

Plan alone (two sheets of A0 plus instruction manual in an A4 booklet) – £22

 Laser cut parts set (fuselage sides, all formers, wing ribs, wing tip assemblies, tail pieces and servo trays) – £105

Moulded cowl – £10


Strip and sheet wood to complete – £40

The wood pack contains the following items;

6 off 1/4×3/8” balsa
15 off 1/4×1/16” balsa
19 off 1/4×1/4” balsa

1 off 3/16×3/16″ balsa
1 off 1/2” triangular balsa
2 off 1/8” sheet
2 off 1/4” sheet
7 off 1/16” sheet
2 off 40x25x200mm block balsa
600x300x.8mm ply
5 off 1/4×1/2” obechi

Radio functions – aileron, elevator, rudder, throttle.

Target weight – 10lbs/4.5kg

Recommended power train – click here to see the 4-Max setup used on the prototype.

We use and recommend 4-Max motors and ESCs in all our models.