fullsizeoutput_46fdPuddleduck is our very easy entry level model. Super simple to build and fly, she makes an excellent starting point for anyone new to the hobby who would prefer to build rather than buy a complete model, or a first building project for anyone who has learned to fly foamies and now wishes to try “real” aeromodelling. Experienced builders and fliers will also love Puddleduck for her tough yet simple construction and relaxed, unhurried flying style. Perfect for pottering around the strip on a warm evening.

If you would like to see the expanded instruction manual, with a number of construction photographs, click here.

fullsizeoutput_46fcWingspan: 57″ (1450mm)

Flying weight: 3lbs 4oz (1.4kg)


For a complete powertrain for this models, please visit 4-Max here.

Controls: Rudder, elevator, throttle.


The kit contains a full size plan, instruction manual and the following strip and sheet wood.

16 off 1/4×1/4 strip
7 off 1/2×1/4
6 off 1/2×1/8
10 off 1/8×1/8
7 off 1/16×1/4
6 off 1/16 sheet
3 off 1/16×1/2
2 off 1/4×1”
1 off 1/8 sheet
1 off 1/4 sheet
12” length dowel
6” square 1.6mm ply